Runity Running Course

runningBeing a runner, when Polestar Pilates were hosting a Runity Painless Running Coaching Course in Auckland this year I was really interested personally and professionally.  It was a fantastic course!! I learnt a lot for myself but also for clients. There has been a lot of work to do since to work towards gaining the Coaching Certificate and another course next year to go!

To summarise a whole 3 days

  • Everyone should be able to run and keep running. Humans are the only animals that are designed to run for long distances like marathons and ultras (not saying we all have to) as we evolved running after our prey and outlasting them so we could catch them.
  • There is a huge variance in running styles but, there is an optimum style where you are a low risk of injury due to the repetitive nature of running.
  • It is worth getting checked out to see what you need to improve to run for years bypassing the injuries. It often comes down to poor flexibility in some areas – not always the areas you think but may be back, hips and ankles.

Check the website for more information.

Happy running