Does physiotherapy help with headaches?

In some cases yes – if your headaches are due to a problem in the top 3 vertebrae of your neck or if there is a problem with the neck muscles or your posture.

How can you tell?

Generally if your headaches are related to your neck you will also be experiencing neck pain and/or stiffness or muscle tension in the neck.

Your posture may also be affected.

Why does the neck cause the headache?

The muscle and joints of the neck can refer pain into the head a bit like back pain can cause leg pain.

What can you do to help yourself?

Make sure you keep good posture when you are sitting, standing and working. Aim to change your position regularly.

Warm heat can help ease muscle tension as well as gentle neck stretches.

What can physiotherapists do to treat neck pain?

Physiotherapists first assess to see if the neck could be a contributor to the headache and then assess what structures are causing the pain. The physiotherapist can then discuss what treatment would work the best. Treatment could include

  • postural exercises
  • strengthening exercises
  • massage
  • mobilisation
  • manipulation
  • acupuncture.


At this time of year with all the stress that is surrounding us, we can easily get caught up in it. As the tension builds our shoulders start to migrate towards our ears, we develop tightness and pain in our shoulders as well as our neck, our breathing gets faster and we feel our shoulders heaving as we breathe. It is also important to take some time each day to stop and wind down.  Let your mind relax, let your shoulders relax and let that breath move down into the bottom of your lungs.

Occasionally you can get caught up in a cycle of stress and poor breathing and find it difficult to break this cycle.  You might find that you start to feel all sorts of worrying symptoms. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Chest pain
  • physical tension
  • blurred vision
  • feeling confused
  • faster, deeper breathing
  • short of breath
  • tight feelings in your chest
  • bloated feeling in stomach
  • tingling fingers
  • unable to breathe deeply
  • stiff fingers or arms
  • tight feelings around the mouth
  • cold hands or feet
  • racing heart
  • feelings of anxiety

These symptoms can all be linked to a poor breathing pattern.  If you are having any of these symptoms it is especially important to take the time to relax and correct your breathing pattern.

If you are having trouble getting back on top of things and you would like some extra help, come in and see Lena, our certified BradCliff practitioner for breathing pattern disorders.

Accelerate Physiotherapy is on the move after 21 years at 112 Don Street!

New premises21 years ago when we shifted into our current clinic it was the first purpose designed building for a physiotherapy clinic in Invercargill and now it is time to expand and upgrade again.

This time we are shifting to 60 Deveron Street (just opposite the Batch Cafe) where we again have a purpose designed building to meet the current needs of a progressive physiotherapy clinic.

Our new reception area is large, bright and welcoming with our corporate colours also featuring. The clinic has 6 individual treatment rooms, a designated Pilates studio for mat classes, and a separate gym in which we will have Pilates studio equipment as well as a treadmill, exercycle, swiss ball, balance boards and weights.

We will now be able to offer Pilates classes in a spacious area with room for both clients and our Pilates trained physiotherapist who takes the classes. Because we see the importance of small class groups to maximise the gains you will get, classes continue to be small and numbers are limited especially when you are first learning. To access the Pilates mat studio you do need to be able to climb a flight of stairs, however we can cater for others in our gym area.

With the Pilates Studio equipment we will be able to offer reformer, trapeze table and exochair sessions and hope to introduce studio classes along with our individual programmes we currently run.

We welcome people to come and visit the clinic to see what we can offer and will be at 60 Deveron Street from Monday 27th January 2014.

Christmas at the Cromwell Races

It was decided this year that our Christmas Party was going to be a little different so on the 1st December  we made the journey to Cromwell for their annual Races.

We all made an effort to dress up, with the ladies having to wear a fascinator and the men having to wear a Christmas themed tie. Lindsay, Alana and Lucy all entered ” Fashion in the field” and had a great time but unfortunately didn’t win the ultimate prize. The blokes all looked great in their ties but could not be persuaded to join in with the fashion parade.

The weather promised rain and a chilly wind but in true central Otago fashion, the heat set in and we were glad of the wee breeze. Throughout the day we found solace in the shade of our tent and some good old SPF 30.

Graham was on the BBQ and did a fantastic job of keeping us fed while we had a good supply of refreshing beverages throughout the day.

Overall it was a great day with lots of fun had by all and the only person who had any luck was Lindsay when she won a trip around the race course in a new Bentley.

Accelerate Physiotherapy wishes you a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year.

P.S. We are open throughout the holiday period apart from the Stat days so if you need us, you know where to come to.