Pilates Services

As a Pilate’s clinic, we offer different Pilates-based services. These include mat classes of varying levels, equipment based exercise classes and one on one appointments focusing on tailoring a Pilates programme suitable to your ability.

One of the main aims of Pilates is to ensure the stabilising muscles to the spine are effectively working during exercise and functional daily activities. We will aim to prevent fatigue which is caused by unwanted muscle activity and limit any incorrect movement patterns. Pilates also focuses on flexibility/muscle length.

What are some key concepts of Pilates?

  1. Breathing: The most important rule when it comes to breathing is to not hold your breathe! It is important to follow your instructor’s guidelines about your breathing technique. If you can breathe comfortably during exercise and maintain activation of the ab line, this will often translate to activation of this muscle during normal daily activities
  2. Neutral spine: This refers to the position of the spine which is halfway between fully flattened on the mat/ground and fully arched
  3. The ab line: Engaging the ab line refers to activation of the transverse abdominis muscle. This muscle is crucial in supporting the spine and should be working all the time at a low intensity

What are some benefits that can be gained from Pilates: 

  1. Increase in core strength
  2. Ensuring correct movement patterns are developed
  3. Increasing flexibility
  4. Ensuring correct breathing technique during core exercises


We hope to see you soon! The Accelerate Pilates Team 🙂

PINC Next Steps

A new programme that will begin in July at Accelerate Physiotherapy is the PINC Next Steps. This is a group exercise programme for women who have finished their main cancer treatment and want to take the ‘next steps’ on their road to recovery. The programme runs for one hour per week for ten weeks, and is specifically designed to help women affected by breast cancer. Next Steps combines Pilates, Yoga, and cardiovascular exercises plus some relaxation which will help rebuild strength, flexibility, and stamina following cancer treatments. PINC physiotherapist, Alana Malcolm, will run the class on her return from maternity leave. As an added incentive, the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation will fund the first programme for ten eligible women. Accelerate Physiotherapy is the only Physio clinic in the Southland area who provide specific care for cancer survivors. If you are interested, head to www.pincandsteel.com for more information, and to register.