Would you like to take part in a study of physiotherapy treatment for people with knee osteoarthritis?

The Opti-OK clinical trial is looking at the frequency of physiotherapy appointments for people with knee osteoarthritis (kneeOA). You will get free physiotherapy treatment, which may be six treatment sessions over three or six weeks, or a single exercise treatment session.  You will also be asked to attend testing sessions at the University of Otago Research Centre at Southland Hospital.
There will be four of these over a six-month period when we will gather health and economic data. All sessions will take 45–60 minutes.
For more information go to: otago.ac.nz/kneeOA

Or to register for the study contact:         
The School of Physiotherapy and mention the Opti-OK trial
Tel: 0800 687 489 (0800 OU PHTY)
Email: kneeOA@otago.ac.nz