Classes & Programs

  • Group Mat Classes 8 /10 week term $ 136 / $170

Our mat classes are carried out upstairs in the Pilates Studio Gym and are instructed by a qualified physiotherapist and Pilates instructor

There are 4 levels of progression in our classes so that you can get the maximum benefit while working in a small group environment.

Generally, classes have no more than 10 people so you are guaranteed plenty of guidance during your class.

  • Group Equipment Classes 10 week term $200

Accelerate Physio provide equipment classes during the term,  for those participants who have completed a level 1 mat class. Exercises can be completed on the Reformer, the Trapeze table, or the Exochair. The classes have a maximum number of four people per class and are instructed by qualified physiotherapists.

  •  20 week programme $420

This program is generally for those who have already completed some group classes and/or are happy to work on their own while benefiting from one-on-one instruction at intervals throughout the program


1hr initial assessment

4 x 30min one-on-one sessions

Unlimited access to gym and Pilates machines (pre-booked)

  •  Initial Assessment $130 (60 minute appointment)

While it is not obligatory, we do recommend that for your first session you book a one-on-one initial assessment session. This will help you to understand fully what Pilates is all about and give your instructor the chance to discuss any individual issues and goals you may have.

  • One-on-one instruction $65 (30 minute appointment)

If you are recovering from an injury or have any medical issues, it may be more beneficial for you to have a personalised program and one-on-one supervision for all your sessions.