Knee & Ankle Pain

Female athlete ankle sprainKnee and ankle pain can be caused by a number issues and given how hard our knees and ankles work in sporting and everyday movements and activities, is it any wonder that, from time to time, the pressure we put these joints under can start to show.

The knee joint is made up of bone, cartilage, ligaments and fluid with muscles and tendons helping the knee joint move. If any of these elements are damaged through an impact injury or over-use, knee pain will result.

The most common cause of knee pain is an injury caused by overuse or overload. This includes muscle strain, tendonitis, and bursitis. These knee injuries can often develop over time or can come on suddenly due to a change in activity such as a new sporting activity, or significant increase in intensity or load-bearing. High impact sports like running or jumping can sometimes cause stress to a knee joint which can lead to joint injuries.

Other knee injuries are often the result of a direct impact such as a fall or sudden twisting movement which can damage the anterior cruciate ligament. This type of injury is often associated with skiing, football, basketball and netball.

Correct rehabilitation and physiotherapy can have a major impact on how full a recovery from a knee impact injury requiring surgery can be.

A common injury is the ankle sprain and can often occur when playing sports such as netball, basketball, rugby and soccer or simply misjudging a step or tripping over something. Most ankle sprains happen when a person twists or rolls over on their foot causing over-stretching or tearing of the ligaments. Given the relatively high risk of recurrence, it is extremely important that the correct rehabilitation is undertaken to minimise this risk.