Wow, another year has come to an end and preparations for Christmas are under way.  Seeing as we had a few new additions to the Accelerate family over the past year, we opted for a lunch time Christmas party this year which was held at Alana’s beautiful home in Otatara.

As with any Christmas party, there was always mountains of food and our eyes continue to assume that we haven’t eaten in weeks and it is inevitable that our plates end up overflowing with delicious food.  The boys were in control of the BBQ this year and the steak was cooked to perfection… cheers Matt.  We enjoyed meeting wee Leo for the first time (Lena’s wee bundle of joy) and it was  a pleasure to see Elliot (Sarah’s beautiful baby) again as well as catching up with these two Mumma’s who are currently on maternity leave.  The older children all seemed to enjoy running around Alana’s lovely big lawn.

We also had the pleasure of meeting and greeting our newest physio Tessa and her partner before she started work on the Wednesday following the party.

Everyone had a lovely time and ate like kings and needless to say we had plenty of nibbles for the next couple of days at work!

More recently we had a Secret Santa at work where everyone brought a gift along.  The game starts where you get to choose a gift out of the box and decide whether you want to steal someone else’s gift that they have already opened, swapping with your unopened gift, or you could open yours.  It turns out everyone was being far too nice and choosing to open theirs instead of stealing, so Dariel and Lucy shook things up a bit and stole from some of the other staff – in saying this the calibre of the gifts was very high this year so all the gifts were lovely even if you had your original gift stolen.

So in closing this wee blog, here at Accelerate Physio we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year