A new programme that will begin in July at Accelerate Physiotherapy is the PINC Next Steps. This is a group exercise programme for women who have finished their main cancer treatment and want to take the ‘next steps’ on their road to recovery. The programme runs for one hour per week for ten weeks, and is specifically designed to help women affected by breast cancer. Next Steps combines Pilates, Yoga, and cardiovascular exercises plus some relaxation which will help rebuild strength, flexibility, and stamina following cancer treatments. PINC physiotherapist, Alana Malcolm, will run the class on her return from maternity leave. As an added incentive, the New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation will fund the first programme for ten eligible women. Accelerate Physiotherapy is the only Physio clinic in the Southland area who provide specific care for cancer survivors. If you are interested, head to www.pincandsteel.com for more information, and to register.